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iOS devices authentication on McAfee Web Gateway


I am working on a new VLAN for mobile devices on my network. We use McAffee Web Gateway 7.5.2. I am using WCCP to redirect HTTP and HTTPS traffic to Web Gateway.

I am using an Authentication Server policy to proceed with authentication against an NTLM Authentication Server.

I have tried using Windows laptop and Android Smartphones successfully on this setup. All HTTP and HTTPS traffic is being authenticated correctly.

But when we use iPhones with iOS 9.3.1, the browsers (we have tried Safari and Mozilla Firefox) still asking for authentication indefinitely. The requests enter in an infinite lopping asking for authentication.

In Andorid devices we have used Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Mini and it works fine. The browser asks for authentication only one time and after that navigation goes on with no authentication asking while the IP/Time session is active in Authentication Server.

I am attaching the policy rule set I am using and a tracing of authentication tries from iOS devices.

Please if anyone can help I will be very thankful.



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