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i have a problem with MWW 6.8.2


i have installed the VM of MWW 6.8.2

my problem is any one try to browsing the netwok receives a notification message from the Web Washer that the URL is blocked by "Proactive Scanning"..

the most important thing is my license includes AntiVirus and URL filtering only.. Anti Malware is not included.. and the proactive scanning is inactive any ware at the GUI..

so please help me to solve this issue..


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McAfee Employee

i have a problem with MWW 6.8.2

Hello Ahmad,

You are running a very old version, and this could be related to some of the recent changes with the AntiMalware, which probably translates into you not receiving AV updates.

I believe this may be related to the new Anti-Malware engine attempting to load in your version but I can't be sure.

To update the software simply go to Configuration > Appliance > Update, then click Contact, and "Download and Install" after it appears.

On a sidenote, Webwasher 6.x is not supported on virtual machine in production environments.


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