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https block page problem on IE8


In mwg, clients using IE8 encounter difficulties for block pages.

HTTPS block pages cannot be seen.

Instead "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" comes.

In IE7 block pages come but in corrupt format.

I know that this is not related with mwg version but is there a solution?

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Re: https block page problem on IE8


are you calling the "Enable SSL Client Context" somewhere before a Block rule triggers?

You can either use the default SSL Scanner Rule set or create a custom rule triggering this Event. If you do not call the Event MWG does not have a certificate to sign the connection in which the error message will be transferred, but will send an HTTP response to an SSL request. The browser will fail displaying this content.



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Re: https block page problem on IE8

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread - but I am looking at this problem as well...

If you enable the default SSL scanner rule, MWG handles all HTTPS exceptions correctly, and returns a good HTTPS error page to the client...

However.... if you only want to enable the SSL scanning "if an error occurs - blocked, auth failure, etc" then this doesn't seem to work..

Either a ruleset blocks a request - or you're SSL scanning everything.

Adding Enable SSL Scanning with Content Verification as an Event for a Block condition doesn't/t seem to work either...

- the problem here is, for some sites (e.g. home banking) where you don't want to break SSL, how can you return a HTTPS exception page to IE8 ?


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