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data flow in MWG7 Proxy HA configuration

Hello everyone,

I saw a few presentation about Proxy HA setting but nobody was able to describe me the data flow in details. I had to take a tcpdump and make my own investigation.

Please tell me if I am right?

1/ a request from client PC to cluster IP running at the active director node, proxy port

2/ if the active director is under load, it will change destination IP to the IP of the scanning node, destination port is the same(proxy port), source IP isn't changed

3/ the passive director node make a request to external web server

4/ passive director node send a data directly from cluster IP to the client IP(do SNAT, because cluster IP is running on active director)

Thank you for confirmation

Best regards


on 2/2/11 4:29:12 PM CET

on 2/2/11 4:30:51 PM CET
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