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configure mail on web reporter

hi for all

i try to set a email acount on web reporter but always send me   a error mesage where says that  the port its false  y check this account an try other ones including one of

getting the same result

if you canhlep  im really apreciate

i let you index of the messageerror1.jpg

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Re: configure mail on web reporter

Moved provisionally to Web Gateway for better attention.

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Re: configure mail on web reporter

This is the first time I've seen that message.  Those appear to be all debug messages.  Do you see any error messages or error codes in the server.log?

..../Web Reporter/reporter/log/server.log

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Re: configure mail on web reporter


Those messages you see there are not errors.   They seem to be informational messages.  The false that you see is simply saying that the smtp server is not using SSL on port 25.  That is normal.

Do you get any other messages?  

One thing to verify -- login to the web gateway  using ssh.   Make sure that when you try to netcat to your mailserver on port 25... that you actually get a conenction succeeded message.    If you do not,  make sure the mail server is listening on port 25, is at the ip address you think it is,  and is configured to accept mail from your web gateway's IP address.

webgateway#  nc  -v 25

Once connected to your mail server this way, you can also go about manually sending a test message to validate this from the web gateway: 


mail from:

rcpt to:


this is a test message


and watch it go. 

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Re: configure mail on web reporter

ok thanks  im go try this solution and  post if the trouble was fixed

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