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Level 7

can't push access.log file to web reporter

Hello all,

i'm working on MWG 7 and I already have web reporter 5, everything was working soothly but suddenly an error message appeared on MWG dashboard informs me that it can't push the access.log file to the reporter server,I did checked the following :

1.the windows firewall off on the reporter server.

2.make sure the port 9121 is opened on reporter server.

3.the auto pushing password in MWG is the same as log source reporter server.

I solved it temporerly by downloading the logs from MWG to a local folder and import it manually to the reporter,

so please is there any other recommendation regarding this issue to do the auto pushing correctly again??

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Level 13

Re: can't push access.log file to web reporter

Did you check the URL?

The edit dialog of the log source gives examples fo the correct url for pushing logs.  Make sure you included the port number, make sure you have /logloader at the end of the URL, etc.

You can try checking the log-manager log file on the Gateway under Troubleshooting.

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