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blocking actions change to removed


One question, if someone has already raised and can share it.

It is about blocking actions by URL categorization. The behavior is correct at all times.
But I would like if it is possible, the objects in a web refereer whose categorization is on my block list, change the action of block with template to removed the object.

I have an example of this to better understand when users access, I am blockin banners, frames, Adds, defined on page advertisements and instead want to put the template is removed.

How do you see?, is it possible?, A significant effect on system load?

Thank you very much,

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Re: blocking actions change to removed


in order to do some kind of a "clear" removal of ads you would need to parse the website and remove the components which show the advertisment. Otherwise MWG will just replace the requested object with a block page, which leads to the result you showed in the screenshot. Doing such kind of ad removal is possible but might cause trouble in regards to load and performance, since MWG has to look into a website.

If you are just looking for a solution for a single website this should be doable, but building a global advertising filter on MWG might be difficult. You could try replacing the advertisments with a small/transparent image, rather than applying a block page and see how the result changes. However there is no built-in "remove" for advertisments.



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