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append from file IP + Comment in MWG 7.5.1

Hi team,

I need append from a file the followings information.

agregar ip + coment.jpg

Is possible import using excel or other method.... i have 1000 users and we need import all IP Address with a comment (IP + username).

If somebody have information about this requirement, please let me know.

Note: The users have a explicit proxy (IP MWG) port 9090 and we need apply rules using the following system

IP range

Groups for users by privilege to navigation: GOLD (Full access) Silver ( Medium Access) Bronce ( Limited access).

The idea is import all users  GOLD,SILVER and BRONCE  as appropiate.

Other example:  GOLD user:

- ( user: Maximiliano Calquin) ..... > we need insert others 990 users using a same sintax




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Re: append from file IP + Comment in MWG 7.5.1

Yes, it's possible.

See for solution posted by


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