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after upgradation to mcp laptops out of corporate network unable to access group internet categories

Hi Friends,

MWG version 7.5.1, MCP version laptop users can access default + category based internet access to their IDs while in LAN but while out of corporate network can only able to access default websites not the profile based internet category. instead get a default block template which also do not contain the group name which they have access like hr/finance/it support etc category.

Issue is not with any single laptop but with all laptops users. Authentication rule enabled for the mcp users with swps authentication method and is above NTLM authentication rule for LAN users. Rule also contain specific port defined for the mcp. Please also suggest if there is any specific port for the same currently we have a five digit port number for the same. what should be the user credentials to authenticate the mcp .xml file which we upload and save at ePO.

Please help to resolve the issue.

Thanks in advance.


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