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Youtube Restrict Access By Uploader errors

We have added a rule to only allow youtube videos from an external list taken from the document "Youtube Restricted Access by Uploader" Rule Set Documention (attached below) and are receiving the following errors. The timeouts would make sense but a simple wget returns 200 and an index file. Is ther something we should be looking for or are we missing the obvious?

Rule Engine Error.

An internal error occured while processing your request.

URL Categories:
Current Rule ID: 190
Current Rule Name: Set Youtube Uploader by Embedded Path
Error Message: (25006) No such resource (file, URL, LDAP server, etc.)

[2014-03-11 16:56:55.374 -04:00] [ExternalListsFilterPlugin] [ExtListsError] Error in ExternalListsFilter: 'CWebServiceDataSource: CURL error. result=28'.

[2014-03-11 16:56:55.375 -04:00] [ExternalListsFilterPlugin] [ExtListsError] Error in ExternalListsFilter: 'Timeout during data fetch'.