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YouTube v3 API key


Hi MWG Community,

As many of you may know, McAfee Web Gateway has the ability to query YouTube's Data API and retrieve video information to filter on.

When YouTube changed their API to v3 last year, it required that users register an API app in the developer's console and get a unique API key to make these queries with.

You may also know, I have created a starter policy that is used for demonstration and PoC of the McAfee Web Gateway, which I call the PreConfig. This PreConfig has my own personal API key hardcoded in it that is getting a lot of activity that I would like to relieve.

My request to you is if you are using the YouTube v3 API on web gateway, look into your External Lists settings and make sure you are not using my key. It may also be coded into a String List called "YouTube: API v3 Key"




The key in question starts with the characters: AIzaSyCljfRQ8iKVI5K9e_...

I am planning on retiring this key in the near future and want to make sure no customers are using it. In order to sign up for your own key you must:

Sign up for a Google Developers Account:

Create a project.

Add YouTube Data API to the project.

Create a Public API access Browser key

Replace the current API key on the web gateway with your new key.

I don't have a planned date when I will disable the current key. I will monitor the activity to see if it recedes, and post an update with an expected termination date.

Thank you,



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