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Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger Application Block

Has anyone successfully used the Application entry for Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger to block IM/Chat traffic?

I'm not sure how long Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger application has been in existence in the IM/Chat application list, but during review periods I keep our IM/Chat block up to date by ensuring that all entries in the IM/Chat application list are selected.

Adding that application to our IM/Chat blocking application list resulted in logins for, and being denied. Perhaps others; those are just the ones that I've seen reported so far.

My currently implemented workaround is to put the Windows Live Messenger/MSN Messenger and MSN2Go applications in their own list and add criteria of URL.Host matches *

Seems to me that I could achieve the same outcome if I just blocked URL.Host matches * and whatever URL that MSN2Go uses, but it would be preferable to be consistent in blocking methodologies.


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