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Whitelisting Video Sites

IS anyone else having problems with video sites on 7.1.0? 

I am having to whitelist many video sites meaning bypass all scanning.  I have fiddler installed  to verify the video location paths and I am finding myself whitelisting many video sites

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Re: Whitelisting Video Sites

Hello cestrada,

video sites (except for the big ones) can be a bit tricky, because you need to bypass AV scanning for those. The default rules are very restricted and might not suit every environment.

Andre has written a very good article about streaming media and MWG 7 here:

Another topic that deals with video streaming for a certain site can be found here:

Those might help you when you create your rules concerning streaming and video bypass in MWG.

MWG 7.1.5 will make things a bit easier, as it has an improved streaming detection that allows to create better rules for this.



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