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What are the handicaps of 7.3 comparing to 7.2?

I am thinking to upgrade my MWG from 7.2 to 7.3, but I want to make sure that there were not  major bugs at 7.3.

Will upgrading to 7.3 worthed? Or should I stay at 7.2 which is so far working fine and stable.

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McAfee Employee

Re: What are the handicaps of 7.3 comparing to 7.2?

Hi Karubum,

I'm sure you are looking for customer perspective, but I'll throw this out there in case it helps.

Software is software, there will always be bugs ;-) 7.3 has been pretty solid, did have a DNS issue which was quickly fixed in (Web Gateway build 15411 Release Notes -

7.3.2 adds a visual rule engine tracing feature which is awesome! So perhaps that alone is enough for you to want to upgrade.

Here is the other release notes in case you want to read them over:

Web Gateway build 13875 Release Notes -

Web Gateway build 14554 Release Notes -

Web Gateway build 15306 Release Notes -

For your additional reference MWG runs two builds as you may be familiar (controlled and main).

The latest Main release is currently, 7.2.x became main release July 2012

The latest Controlled release is currently, 7.3.2.x should become the main relase July 2013

The main release gets patched every two months (roughly). So if there is ever a problem, a patch is usually around the corner.

For more reading:



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