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Webreporter Login problems


I have installed webreporter 5.2 on a test machine. After installation I want to login on The login screen shows an error and in the server_err.log I can find the following line:

2011-07-05 10:04:19,119 ERROR [securecomputing.smartfilter.server.facade.impl.PreLoginHandshakeImpl] PreLoginHandshake failed: clientversion=

A login with is functional.

The deinstallation of webreporter and new installation doesn't help. Can anyone help?


2 Replies

Re: Webreporter Login problems

Problem is solved.

The java-cache blocks the site access. After clearing java cache the login screen was shown.

Re: Webreporter Login problems

Make sure you include "/reporter" at the end of your URL when you connect. That is the correct way.

When the browser connects to the server, there is a handshake performed that may not work if you don't use the correct URL.  Generally you don't need to clear the cache after upgrading since the client app will auto-upgrade.  Downgrading to an older version does require you to clear the java cache.

Anyway, I'm glad you solved the problem.

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