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Webgateway not forwarding credential authentication

Hello Guys,

I  need some help with a very specific problem. Hope someone can help me.

When my local users try to access internal web applications, hosted in local servers (using ssl), WBG appliance (7.6.2.X) return a handshake SSL error.

Most of all these applications request authentication. I don´t know why, but when the request goes over webgateway, it does not repass the authentication popup (Or even try to autheticate using the NTLM credencials).

I did a lot of tests, and the only problem that I see is the webgateway returning a problem with "SSL Handshake". But when I repeat the test (Trying a direct connection, without using the proxy), all goes fine.

These internal servers are hosted with Apache, most using htaccess authentication. Unfortunately I don´t have access on these server to make a better troubleshooting.

Even after put these servers / hosts in the Whitelist, the problem persist. I´m really don´t know how to try to solve / fix this.

Someone has a good idea?

Thanks in advance,

Luiz Henrique

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McAfee Employee aloksard
McAfee Employee
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Re: Webgateway not forwarding credential authentication

Hi Luiz,

Hope you are doing well.

As stated MWG returns an SSL handshake error.

Request you to reproduce the issue and collect below logs from MWG for investigation:-

1) Connection tracing specific to a client machine using below link:-

2) Packet capture from MWG using below link:-

Also do share us the error screenshot.


Alok Sarda

Re: Webgateway not forwarding credential authentication

Thanks for your help.

I´ll do this next monday and post the result here.


Luiz Henrique

McAfee Employee jscholte
McAfee Employee
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Re: Webgateway not forwarding credential authentication

I dont advise posting connection traces or tcpdumps here as they may contain private information. Perhaps a case should be opened and Alok might be able to take that case over

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