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Webgateway Topology


We are in a process of implementing a Webgateway 4500 in our enterprise. (almost 1000 users)

And we want to put it in a place so we can force everyone to navigate through it. (we have Mac, Wifi, Pc with admin rights etc..)

So we decided to put it between our main router and our firewall (topology attached)

Now our topology is working exactly as shown in teh map but without the webgateway.

is it ok to put the gatewat tehre and redirect all traffic through it? Http and any other traffic.

This way we can use it as a Transparent Router and he will redirect the traffic based on port etc..

If traffic is 80,443 etcc he will treat..

If traffic is anything else he will route to the firewall .. and the firewall decide what to do.

Is there any probelm or concideration about this topology?


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