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Webgateway 7 reporting

Hi Expertise,

I currently have access to our McAfee web gateway 7 (hardware = model WBG-4500-B) and would like to run some reports on Internet traffic for certain users for specific time period.  I am new to this technology and not sure where to start.  All I can see at the moment in Dashboard are just generic / overall stats.

Can someone please advise how I go about in generating these kind of reports?

Many Thanks!

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Re: Webgateway 7 reporting

Option 1: Drill-down to the users you want to see by navigating the links in the dashboard (quickvew) reports.

Option 2: Click the custom tab and you can add different filters.  If you want to use the same filters on multiple reports, you can save them, but for one-time-use, you can simply enter the username, site name, category, etc. in the appropriate filter box.

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Re: Webgateway 7 reporting

You will need to use the Web Reporter or Content Security Reporter software.  They can be downloaded from the McAfee downloads page, using your grant number.

The Web Gateway logs get pushed to those, and they have the ability to generate the reports as Sean mentioned.

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Re: Webgateway 7 reporting

Thank you all for the response.

I logged onto the webgateway GUI again and could not find the custom tab mentioned in option 2.  Does this mean I need to download the "Web Reporter" or "Content Secuirty Reporter"?  do they get installed on any PCs, then it creates a link from the software to the webgateway's log files?

Also, since I'm not the owner of this device, where can I locate the grant number?

Thanks Heaps!!

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