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Webgateway slow internet

Hi, do you have any tipps on how to troubleshoot when users complain about slow internet speed? I did a speedtest on a pc with and without proxy and the difference is big. During speedtest I checked the state of the antimalware engine using \opt\mwg\bin\mgw-antimalware -S threads (on console), but it was almost empty, then I checked the general performance tab on the web UI and this is the result for today..What does "connect to server" mean? Is it the the amount of time that webgateway waits until a webserver responds??

top command looked also ok.... are there any better tools? I know that speedtests aren't very reliable, but when I put my IP in the global whitelist, speed was fast! so it might be something with the Ruleset? Is there a good way to check how much time webgateway needs to process the rules?

Furthermore I don't know when the users have this problems, it's not continuos and because of the fact that without proxy/with my IP in global whitelist speedtest was fast, I am pretty sure that the proxy is responsible..

thanks very much!

Kind regards

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Re: Webgateway slow internet


there is an GTI problem today. Try this.

Policy – Settings – Engines – Anti-Malware [your AV setting name]

Expand the “Advanced Settings” and uncheck the option “Enable GTI file reputation queries”

Disable in URL Filter:

Policy – Settings – Engines – URL Filter [your URL Filter setting] – Rating Settings

Uncheck first of all the option “Enable the Dynamic Content Classifier if GTI web categorization yields no result”

Uncheck “Use online GTI web reputation and categorization services if local rating yields no result


Re: Webgateway slow internet

hi troja, I just did, but we're having this issues all the time, do this problems occur often? If I let it disabled, what consequences does this have? How does the web gateway know about URL categories-I guess through the local GTI database? This are our settings, should I also uncheck  "search for and rate embedded URLs", since this could have an impact on the performance?

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Re: Webgateway slow internet

Hi Renata,

this was a problem yesterday and it was also the first trouble i know in this ways since MWG is available.

If there are performance issues i would suggest the following.

- TCP Dump directly on MWG to check if there are any troubles.

- Adding a Ruleset on top of your policy where a source IP is whitelisted. Reproduce the problem. IF the problem is gone, there is something wong in the ruleset.

- To check your policy you have several options.

-- upload a backup of MWG directly to There is an option to check it.(Online Tools - Consistency check)

-- use Rule Tracing Central to check directly on MWG.

-- use the stopwatch criteria to measure specific parts of your ruleset

We built a ruleset to write a Debug Log File for one client. At the bottom you can see also the performance information.

Client Information:

   Date: [02/Jun/2015:14:27:08 +0200]

   Authenticated User: \

   Client IP: x.x.x.x

   User Agent: Google Update/;winhttp;cup-ecdsa


   HTTP Status Code: 200

   CacheStatus: TCP_MISS_RELOAD

URL Information:

   URL Request Header first line: POST HTTP/1.1

   URL Host:


   URL Categories: Internet Services

   URL Reputation: Minimal Risk

Content Information:

   MediaType from HTTP Header: text/xml; charset=UTF-8

   Media Type (by Signature - High Prop): text/xml

   Media Type (by Signature - Low Prop):

   Media Type from File Extension:

   Body Filename: update2

Content/Archive Information:

   Supported by Opener: true

   Body is Encrypted: false

   Body is Multipart Object: false

   Body is Corrupted Object: false

Application Information:

   Application Name:  -

   Application Reputation:

Security Engine Information:

   Antimalware Result:

   BlockID: 0

   Stream Detector:

   Body changed by any engine: false

Debug Information:

   Current/Last Rule: SppCloud (Webhybrid) (with Template: -)

   Fired Rules: Removed

   Rule Set Processing Time from StopWatch: 0ms / 0micro sec.

   Time Consumed by Rule Engine: 16 ms

Web Performance:

   Proxy(first) - Server(first): 31 ms

   Proxy(last) - Server(first): 30 ms

   Proxy(last) - Server(last): 33 ms


Re: Webgateway slow internet


whitelisting speeds everything up, because NTLM authentication ruleset is being skipped (did the test with rule tracing central). I see that authentication is required for every embedded URL, would it make sense to skip authentication for embedded URLs?

I guess webgateway is able to filter those, since you can choose if embedded URLs should be checked or not:


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Re: Webgateway slow internet


you should only authenticate in the request cycle, not in Response and Embedded object cycle. :-)


Re: Webgateway slow internet

I went to and this is the result, do I get it right that webgateway should not ask for authentication for all those pages starting with* ?

Thanks very much!

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Re: Webgateway slow internet

I've reconfigured our proxy to use Kerberos instead of NTLM for authentication, that helped reducing the amount of authentication requests and so it helped to speed everything a little bit up...

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Re: Webgateway slow internet


speed tests are not helpful. They will not give you any indication about how fast MWG is capable of processing a request. The speed tests measure the raw performance but MWG has to do some things to the data (e.g. keep it away from the client until scanning has finished) thish the speed tests do now know about, so the result may vary from very bad performance to unbelievable performance... they don't give any usable indication of what is wrong.

Instead use a tool on the browser site to measure how long a common page takes until it is displayed completely. The page should not be a news site with 300 images and it also should not be a site with one line of text only. Also it may make sense to use multiple sites for testing :-)

There are usually two kinds of performance issues, those which are introduced by rules (e.g. MWG processes the request) and those introduced by the proxy (which could also include network or DNS trouble).

You can check this easily:

1.) Browse to the web site with MWG enabled

2.) Browse to the web site with MWG enabled but a white list entry at the top of the rule set that exempts the page from any scanning (make a white list entry for the client IP or username, not for the destination)

If the page is slow with MWG enabled but fast with MWG enabled but the site whitelisted it is a problem with the rules. Use rule engine tracing to find out where delays occur (could be authentication for example, or GTI lookups)

If the page is slow in both cases the problem is NOT introduced by rules but by the proxy. Check DNS settings and network performance. Take a packet capture and have a look at what takes long or involve support.



McAfee Employee

Re: Webgateway slow internet

The issue should be done.