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Webex: Proxy Authentication Required


We havbeen facing some trouble in viewing webex sessions and sharing our screens remotely on webex sites (such as * and It seems that these websites try to access Public IPs and receives 407 message on these IPs. Erstwhile we had webwasher 6.9.7 and we had to bypass these IPs in ICAP filter (consequently a very large number of entries in ICAP filter). In current scenario (Webwasher 7.1.6), we have to bypass these IPs entirely. Can you suggest another way round to let webex sessions run smoothly, as every time tracing has  to be run to figure out which IP or user-agent to bypass.

You can use following link for testing.

Go to 'View recording'

Following are the lines in Access logs:

[16/May/2012:16:12:22 +0530] "" 407 "CONNECT HTTP/1.1" "" "-" "" 0 "webex utiltp" "" "0"

[16/May/2012:16:12:22 +0530] "" 407 "CONNECT HTTP/1.1" "" "-" "" 0 "webex utiltp" "" "0"

Also find attached the results of connection traces.



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Re: Webex: Proxy Authentication Required


I would recommend to upgrade to MWG 7.2 and subscribe to the McAfee Maintained List "WebEx IP Ranges". Add a new rule to SSL Scanner which tunnels the IP Ranges listed there. This should allow you to access WebEx without problems.



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