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WebWasher Best Practice


I'm new to WebWasher and I wonder if there is Best Practice Guide or something like that. I mean what is the right setup to access the internet but have a good securtiy in place.

I have taken over an existing setup but my impression is not good. Currently everything (REALLY Everything) is blocked and every URL needs to be whitelisted on request by the user....Sorry that doens't fly.

I use WebWasher 6.9


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McAfee Employee

Re: WebWasher Best Practice

Hi John!

As far as a best practice, all of the documentation (including the URL filter guide) is located under Home > Manuals.

It sounds like the last admin setup your policy with an implicit deny, which is not default so it just sounds like you need to change that.

You can set your URL filtering on a policy by policy basis. You most likley need to check over the categories you have blocked and consider whether they should be opened for your organization ( You can set your category actions (i.e. allow, block, coach, etc...) under URL Filter > Category actions.

Let me know if this helps.


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