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Level 7

WebReporter 5.1 and IE9

Any known issues accessing webreporter using IE9?  We've udpated Java to the latest and greatest, but still doesn't work.  Just getting the endless revolving circle while Java tries to load.

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Level 13

Re: WebReporter 5.1 and IE9

None that I'm aware of. 

Is the problem isolated to one IE9 machine? 

Does it work on other machines or with other browsers?

What exactly do you see in the browser?

Here are some things you can try.

1) Make sure you are using the correct URL 




2) Make sure your java security settings allows untrusted code.

3) Make sure your browser security policy isn't blocking cookies or code.

If possible past the relivant data from the server.log from the MWR server, and the text in the java console from the client.

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Level 15

Re: WebReporter 5.1 and IE9

I have had no problems.


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