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WebGateway 7.x , Anonymizers and URL Filter Database

Hello out there.

We got a problem with WebGateway 7.x and the URL Filter Database, here specially the theme "anonymizers", which occured by coincidence today.

The policy we use defines all anonymiziers or anonymizing tools to block. That works perfect, when I call an URL like "torproject" or -and this is the reason fpr the posting- the URL "" , where several anonymizing proxies are listed. So far everything works best. But if I write some of the listed URLs in my browsers address-bar, I reach many of the listed proxies and can surf on all those sites, which are normally forbidden.

Try and wonder!

Then I ask on McAfees "Check single URL" about some of those links -here for example "" and the response is "Uncategorized URL" and "Unverified"

How can I be sure under such circumstances, that all of my rule sets will be processed in future, if there is such an easy way to bypass them? Did anyone out there makes similar experiences with this behavior of WebGateway and how can I solve this problem? If I imagine how much other URLs like the discribed are existing I feel not very good! And it is no option to submit every single URL to McAfee.

Greetings from Wuppertal


I have to restrict my posting: The URLs, which are older than one day seem to be in the database already. So this problem occures only with the newest URLs, such as defined as beeing from today.
on 05.10.11 02:41:08 CDT
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