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Web reputation query/issue

Webgateway V7.2..0.8.0 (14873)


The above site was blocked today as it now has Phising URLs added as a secondary category.

Trusted source reports that this site is high risk and has done for some time.

Running a log on the transaction the following value are provided:

Url.IsHighRisk = False

Url.Reputation = 15

Url.ReputationString = Unverified

If I remove the block due to category I would have expected site to still be blocked due to trustedsource categorsing site as high risk. However access is granted due to the property values above.

Webgateway V6.9.3 build 13514

I then tried using a V6 box and the site is blocked with a score of 127.

I'm now concerned that the default block urls if high risk rule is not working.

Anyone from McAfee have any ideas or should I raise a ticket?


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Re: Web reputation query/issue

Anyone from McAfee care to comment?


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