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Web reporter and Webgateway sessions


     I am having problems with Web Reporter and Webwasher 6.9.1. Below are some issues I encountered.

1.) Web reporter displays "Error" and lots of JAVA Problems after connecting it to webwasher whether the configured log source is to accept or to pull logs from webwasher. When restarting the service the web reporter will work for a period of time and then displays again the "Error" page.

2.) After connecting the web reporter to the web washer there are lots of sessions from the web reporter was displayed on the webwasher web gui. How

does it happen?


3.) My Webwasher have logs that will sum up to 400GB(10MB each) in size of rotated logs. The oldest logs has a name of access1207141673.log

a.) Does it mean it wass rotated on July 14 2012?

b.) How come web reporter can generate a log that is dated Oct. 1, 2011 from the said rotated log?.

c.) How long is the retention of rotated logs does web washer store its logs?

d.) Does web reporter have an automatic deletion of old rotated logs? How can I configure it?

e.) Does the 400GB of logs affects the performance of web washer?.

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Re: Web reporter and Webgateway sessions

1) Most likley problem is Web Reporter is exhausing the Java heap space.  Look for "OutOfMemory" messages in the server.log.  First check to see if I'm correct, then we can try to determin why that is happening.  Under normal circumstances, this shouldn't happen so it is important to know the cause to fix the problem.  Two most common problems are configuration, such as increasing cache sizes too large; and running a large report, such as detail data report for 30 days, all results.

Also, be careful when switching between push and pull log modes. You could very easily import the same data twice, or have data that isn't sent as a result.  I prefer pushing since there isn't a way to easily resend data if you are pulling. 

2) This is the first time I've seen this problem.  In Web Gateway, go to Configuration > Web Interface > Sessions.  What is the session length?  Perhaps Web Reporter's log source isn't doing a logout.  I can try to test this later. What is your Web Reporter version number?


  a) Yes.

  b) Are you sure it came from that log?  Do you see records for a date older than the name?

  c) Depends on your auto-delete configuration.  The rotation/deleting/pushing  are all different options

  d) Web Reporter has database maintenance options to delete data from the database. (Administration > Tools > Database Maintenance).  Web Gateway does not delete data from Web Reporter and Web Reporter does not delete data on the gateway.  So you need to configure your data retention for each individually

  e) Well.. Yes and No.  It depends on a number of things.  We many customers that have databases larger than 400GB.  Performance can be impacted by other things.  there are KB articles for deployment best practices that give recommendations for you.

Only addition to that article is to enable the index maintenance (on the database maintenance screen).  The KB was written before that feature was added.  A 400GB database shouldn't need to run index maintenance more than once a month.  It may significantly increase your maintenance time, so be sure to run it during the weekend.

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Re: Web reporter and Webgateway sessions

2.) The session limit is 30 minutes. The version of the Web Reporter is

3. b.) That is the oldest rotated log I saw from my Webwasher version 6.9.1

     c.) What I mean is the rotated logs, because the rotation is set to rotate when it reaches 10MB and deletion is set to delete up to 120 days. Why is it it has Oct 2011 logs?

     d.) I am sorry what I mean is the Webwasher if it has automatic deletion of rotated logs.

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Re: Web reporter and Webgateway sessions


     In addition to my question can I delete the rotated logs on my web washer?

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