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Web gateway lock not find DC ´ s Windows

Good morning everyone,

Is my first post, let's;

Implemented on a client Web Gateway clustered/central Management, everything is working correctly, but has a problem recently.

the clustered Web Gateway is integrated with nine domains Windows, running smoothly, but the three-day five of these areas have had problems losing its communication totally with the network, causing the Web gateway could not discern the domains, this led him to fight, even are functioning normally four domains it crashed all navigation.

To return him to normal had to go to the Emergency mode, because neither the tabs authentication I could access, after you activate the moto Emergency could access the option Domain Membership and removed the five areas with problems, flew, dusted Emergency mode and everything has returned to normal.

Which led or takes the Web gateway to hang when not think domains, this has already happened, it locks up navigation and all tabs of authentication.

now I would like to thank everybody

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