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Web gateway 7.2


Iam new to web gateway and web reporter.

1) how to integrate AD to the web gateway 7.2 & how to give internet access for a particular AD user with his IP Address.

I want that AD user should try from his ip address only, not to get access from other ip address even if he give his AD credentials are correct.

Is this feature is there in this version, if yes please help me.

2) How to configure 2 gateways in HA.

please help me with valid docs.

3) how to get reports in web reporter 5.2. how to integrate reporter with web gateway.

iam checking in my VM machine. provide docs if so.

4) Is remote web filtering is the feature in site advisor. if yes, how to enable this?



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Re: Web gateway 7.2

I can't really say enough good things about McAfee's classroom training.  I had a lot of questions when first starting out, and took the MWG training on-site at a McAfee center, and it was excellent.

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Re: Web gateway 7.2

thanks for your reply but its not possible me to take onsite training..

Plz give solution for my above queries..

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Re: Web gateway 7.2

Web Gateway 7.2 product guide is here.

You can also use online help by clicking the "?"  icon in the very top-right corner of the GUI.  But as kent.dyer has said, you would benifit from attending some training.  The Web Gateway allows a lot of flexability and typically has a very steep learning curve.

Here is a guide that explains how to configure MWG 7.x for Web Reporter.

I would encourage you to keep these questions separated into different posts.  Each of these issues can be complicated and mixing issues is going to create a very confusing thread that will cause people to stop reading it.  Also, SiteAdvisior product has a separate group.

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