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Web Reporter jobs

I have problems with  access.log jobs because they are not processed correctly as the status bar shows the error. 

However, we can view the statistics for web browsing on the dashboard of Web Reporter Quick View. 

Any ideas?, As we may be visualizing data if these have not been processed correctly?

As I can get those files back to be processed?

I have another problem too, as I have defined as post-processing a shipment of logs via FTP is not performing.
Cause I can do this process again and send the files via FTP? How?

Thanks & Regards,

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Level 13

Re: Web Reporter jobs

1) Are the jobs failing, or is the status successful with 100% error.

     - Failed job usually means there is a problem with the log header

     - 100% errors usually mean the header was fine, but the log lines don't match, or problem with format (example: missing quotes "column with space")

2) Log parsing errors will not show in the reports because they are not imported. If you need it imported, you would need to delete the data from the DB in web Reporter by using Database maintenance, then fix the access log and reimport.  However, fixing the access log would need to be done manually and could be really difficult. You would probably need to make a script to fix them once you found the problem.

3) If the post processing FTP is failing, then it's probably a configuration or network issue.  Check the server.log for errors related to problem.

If the data isn't private, attach one of the access logs and I can let you know the problem.

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