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Web Reporter AD Authentication

I stood up a web reporter server and am attempting to get it to allow ad authentication for logins on it.  I have tried going to Administration>Setup>Directories and adding our domain through there but it doesn't seem to take.  The reporter is running on a windows 2008 r2 server that is domain joined.

If I attempt to use the "detect" button for auto setup it contacts the domain but continually throws and error "Unable to log onto the directory server. Please confirm the logon name and password, and then try again."  I have checked AD and it doesn't actually seem to be trying to authenticate as the account does not lock after many attempts.  The rights for the account are set to domain admin so that should not be an issue.

I have also tried setting up the "Advanced" settings using the following information

Base DN: DC=domain,DC=com

Userkey: sAMAccountName

This appears to work but never pulls a list of users.  Attempting to select the test button to search for a user throws the error "an unknown error occurred while querying the directory service".

In addition to that error when I manually update the directory it comes up with Users expected 0, users found 0.

Any help is greatly appreciated

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