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Web Gateway SSL Certificate question

We are using the SSL scanner on our Web Gateway 7.   All of our IE users have the CA certificate that we generated on the Web Gateway. 

When I browse to any HTTPS site and check the certificate, it says it expires on 11/22/2011 (see image below)


When we first generated the certificate in the Web Gateway we told it not to expire until 11/22/2020 (see images)


When I check the Web Gateway certificate in IE it says the correct date. (see image)


So why, when we visit HTTPS sites, does it say it will expire 11/22/2011.  Does this mean all of our HTTPS traffic is going to get certificate errors after that date?  I SURE hope not. 

Thanks for your input.

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McAfee Employee

Re: Web Gateway SSL Certificate question


you need to differentiate between the CA and the cert. The CA will be avlid until 2020, whereas the certificates the CA generates are only valid for a year. This means, that you need to generate a new CA in 2020 and MWg will automatically reissue the certs a year after their initial generation. In short, you won't get cert issues until 2020, as then the CA is timed out.


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