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Web Gateway MIB unresponsive

Has anyone else noticed that the McAfee Gateway SNMP agent does not return any data from any of the McAfee MIB obects from the mwgStatistics branch except categories? I have tried this on 8 different appliances and get nothing.

The mwgInfo branch works fine. Am I missing something?



web gateway.JPG

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Re: Web Gateway MIB unresponsive


I just checked on one of my VMs and when I walk "mwgStatistics" there is a lot of things coming back:

iReasoning MIB Browser_067.png

What application are you using for quering SNMP? Did you try a different one? What value exactly are you looking for?



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Re: Web Gateway MIB unresponsive

Thank You

I have tried iReasoning, GetIF and MangeEngine MIB browsers all with the same results. I tried on 6 production appliances and on two lab appliances including a VM. All had the same result. For the mwgHTTP, mwgHttps and mwgFTP branches they return no data.

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