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Web Gateway Content Security reporter and Categorizaion

Hello I have a question regarding low performance wwhen using categorization:


as we wish to see the usage per category in our reports (in the Content Security Repoerter) we started to use categorization in the Policy of MWG . So this turns down the performance badly (> 5 sec per complex site) - probably as it is has to categorize the urls on the fly.

So my idea is this: Is itpossible to let the categorization being done later , in a second step, ba the CSR or the ePO so othat it daos not affect the perdormance of the actual running Web Gateway?


Or is there another solution to our problem?


Thanks very much


Best Regards



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McAfee Employee mkutrieba
McAfee Employee
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Re: Web Gateway Content Security reporter and Categorizaion



I am not aware that ePO or CSR could do that but I know that slowness can be caused by improper configuration in the policy/settings.

For property URL.Categories an URL filter setting is used that has options to use GTI servers for backcalls and disable local database for example.

If you have GTI lookups enabled it could be possible that MWG cannot reach all the IP addresses and is therefore running into timeouts which will cause slowness for the users. So in the network it must be ensured that MWG can reach all the IP address ranges as described here:


I would suggest to check this or alternatively open a ticket with MWG support. Debug data like feedback file, rule trace and tcpdump/connection traces would be needed to troubleshoot where slowness is occurring.




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