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Web Gateway - Configuration Storage not Syncronized

Hi All,

I have an issue where my web gateway node 1 couldn't sync the configuration storage to web gateway node 2.

About 1 week ago, we have power outage in the are. My web gateway node 1 connected to UPS, but my node 2 connected straight to power socket on the wall. We didn't have power about 45 minutes. When the power came back online, node 1 was unable to contact node 2. I ended restarting node 2 to make it work. Then, this morning, I just found out that configuration storage not synchronized to node 2.

The error message is: Configuration Storage not Synchronized with Node: [Node_2_Unique_ID] (Origin: Central Management, ID: 3000).

I tried to Google around with no luck to bring the sync back for Node 2. I need help to make them back to sync. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Web Gateway - Configuration Storage not Syncronized

Moved to MWG for better support




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