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Web Gateway Authentication Chain

Hi all,

please help. I´m looking for an article describing a authentication chain on MWG. My actual authentication chain works (MCP with NTLM as fallback), i´m just looking for the description.

Does anyone know where to find it?

Authentication chain.jpg


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McAfee Employee

Re: Web Gateway Authentication Chain

Hi Thorsten,

I dont know if I get the question 100%, but will try to give it a try

Based on your rules, you are checking to see if the request is authenticated against MCP, if they are "Authentication.IsAuthenticated" will be set to true, and the subsequent rules will not fire.

If the request fails to authenticate against MCP settings, then the method list is cleared (at that point I think it would be empty because MCP shouldnt add anything to it). Next you hit the NTLM rule, MWG adds NTLM to the method list and continues on.

Then you hit the last rule and it fires because Authentication.IsAuthenticated equals false. Since there is an "Authenticate" action, the MWG will look at the items in the MethodList and return a response based on what is in the method list.

Does that help?

Best Regards,


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Level 14

Re: Web Gateway Authentication Chain

Hi Jon,

chanks for the reply, The rule works perfect. I got an info to build this. I´m just looking for the source, perhaps i got it from the community or support, i do not know. Just looking for the information source. :-)



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