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Web Gateway

I've been struggling for a week over this and want to now reach out to the experts.  We have a DISA Win7 image that is STIG'ed so nether IE or FF will display the console and both show the message "Java Plugin cannot be started. Please ensure Java is installed and enabled. I'm sure it's a lockdown issue.

I've been put in a OU that allows me to tweak IE and I've enabled about everything I can and IE still won't get the console to display and yes I have Java plugins installed and enabled.  Does anyone know what plugins I need to allow to get IE and FF to show the console.  When we deploy the Web Gateway to our environment, i need to know what GPo's to tweak to allow the console to be displayed.  For now I'm on a standalone Win7 VM machine connecting to a Web Gateway VM with the Win7 is not on any domain so no policies are pushed to it..

Any help is appreciated!!!!!!!!


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