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WeReport 7 Today Log


I am testing the McAfee WebGateway 7 and i have couple of questions

1- there is no way to see any activity in real-time??? is it only by accessing the access.log file ?? or waiting for the second day to get a report??

2- I am trying to process a log file every 15 mnts from the web reporter.. and i never get any result .. within the JObs it is showing Completed- No files available

knowing that this is not true.

If this is the case , for what this option exist within the reporter?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: WeReport 7 Today Log

1) Use Content Security Reporter (CSR) 2.0 with syslog log parser. Then the gateway can send the access log in real time via syslog.

2) How many successful log lines parsed?  The job can be successful (which really only requires that Web Reporter accepted the header) but can still have 100% error lines (body didn't match the header).

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Re: WeReport 7 Today Log

thank you for your quick reply.

i found the solution... i changed the settings of Interval File rotation within the Log file settings to 15mnts.

Now i can get a succesful job and get the needed


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