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WGW 7.x windows update fails

Hi guys,

i have since a week two WGWs version 7.x in a HA setup.

from last week it is not possible to updates client with windows updates.

does anyone have encountred this situation before?

if you need more details please ask.

please advice.

thank you


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Re: WGW 7.x windows update fails


I have added win update url to global white list, still does't work.

see attached file

please advise


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Re: WGW 7.x windows update fails


your entries will most likely never match. The default rule for "global whitelist" only looks into the host of a URL (URL.Host property is used). For

the URL.Host is

Your entries contain the protocol (http://) which is not part of the Hostname, and therefore they won´t apply.

Try to remove the protocol, and only leave the hostnames as part of the list entry.



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Re: WGW 7.x windows update fails

Hi doubstar,

it also depends on the client or server system which is connecting to Microsoft. Windows Server 2003/2008 and all Client Systems are quite different.

Perhaps this helps.


You can also user Application Control for Whitelisting Windows Update.



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Level 8

Re: WGW 7.x windows update fails

Hi Thorsten,

Thank you for your feedback, could you please help me out how to setup the policy as you have mentionedinto WGW appliance?

i mean do you have instruction steps ?

I have been looking under Policy, but cannot find anything like it.

thank you so mutch


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