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WG5500 or Content Security Blade Server?

Large DoD customer - looking at 300,000+ users - and having trouble with sizing equipment.  I think the WG5500 supports up-to 20,000 users which would mean I need 15xWG5500's or maybe the Content Security Blade Server helps here?  Curious what are the differences in throughput and supported # of users.

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Re: WG5500 or Content Security Blade Server?

This question has been moved from 'Best Practices in Security protection' to 'Web Gateway' in Email & Web Security.

There was a similar question asked in late 2010 - see

where the reply stated

the blade is intented to be deployed at huge sites

- which may apply to your DoD customer.

Someone who knows about these things should see this and (hopefully) give you an answer.

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Re: WG5500 or Content Security Blade Server?


please get in touch with a local sales representative. They can explain the best options for this requirement, since they have the experience from similar customers and expertise to make a proper assumption of what is required.



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