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WEB gateway 7.1.6 questions(virtual machine)

Hi All

Please share your expirience with me on the listed issues:

1. FTP download through browser do not work. Even in case we remove(turn off) all the security policies

For example  listed URLs d not work

2. While using save as in Firefox and IE file download do not start, in case we use  Open with everything work fine

3. How to turn off Antimalware and antivirus?

Please help to solve listed issues

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Level 8

Re: WEB gateway 7.1.6 questions(virtual machine)

MWG 7.1.6 "just after install".

1. File:

downloaded without progress bar in web-browser (data trickling).

3. I think - disable Gateway Anti-Malware rule.

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Level 11

Re: WEB gateway 7.1.6 questions(virtual machine)


just like apellepa said already, the download works fine for me via MWG. It works even with progress pages if that is enabled.

If you have progress pages and data trickling off (disabled the "Progress Indication" rulset under "Common Rules"), then it can take quite a while for the download to start. The file is around 180 MB and MWG will first download and scan the file before sending something back to the client.

If you do an FTP download via browser, please keep in mind that this is actually an FTP over HTTP communication, so your browser needs to connect to MWG on the normal HTTP proxy port (9090 by default). The FTP proxy is only used for native FTP clients. The browser will actually send a get request to the proxy, just with the FTP url and MWG will do the rest.



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