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WEB GATEWAY SITE Configuration for PR and DR

Hi All,

Presently we have two Web gateway having version 7.0, configured in HA (Master instance and Site instance) at PR site.

Each Gateway having physical IP and same cluster IP.Every client using cluster IP as a proxy for browsing Internet.

Now we are proposing another two web gateway at DR site for BCP.

How can we configure these two web gateways in a same manner of PR? and how it work?

Client proxy IP should be same which is at PR, There should not be any client intervention.How can we achieve this?


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Re: WEB GATEWAY SITE Configuration for PR and DR


We use DNS names + proxy.pac client config. Proxy.pac can direct clients to use cluster dns name first, if not responding than use backup cluster name last is to go direct if no proxy cluster respond.


function FindProxyForURL(url, host)




    if (isPlainHostName(host) ||

        isInNet(hostip, "", "") ||

        isInNet(hostip, "", "") )

        return "DIRECT";


        return "PROXY; PROXY; DIRECT";


For systems which does not support proxy.pac, the DNS CNAME points to DRproxy record can be changed in case of PR troubles.

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