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WCCP SSL timeout issue

It looks like I'm having some problem with my Webgateway in my pre-deployment environment.

I have MWG 7.2.3 installed in WCCP with transparent authentication and NO SSL scanner so far enabled.

When I open an SSL website (specially a static like McAfee Community) it will timeout the https connection after a while. Usually 3 minutes.

All the WCCP settings are fine so far and everything is working except for this SSL timout issue.

By timeout I mean that the page expired and the browser give me back an Unable to find page.

Can I increase the timeout?

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Level 17

Re: WCCP SSL timeout issue

This doesn't really sound like a configurable timeout in MWG. Since I am not familiar with WCCP I am not sure... I would recommend to file an SR with support and provide them with a packet capture that shows the problem. That should help us to understand what happens here and find a solution.



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McAfee Employee

Re: WCCP SSL timeout issue

This sounds like an issue with your Authentication TTL being very low (3 minutes) and SSL scanner off.

Check out the auth guide regarding hard and soft timeouts: