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Vimeo Filter by Category

Hello all,

There is a new demand  in my company where we should permit access only to some vimeo categories

I´d like to know if there is any solution similar to the youtube API (Youtube API v3 Category/Uploader/DLP FiltersBETA)

or any other way to solve this problem.

Best Regards

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Re: Vimeo Filter by Category

Yes you can, but the metadata that is returned by Vimeo's API is limited. For example, there are no "categories", i use "tags" instead.

The call to the API is:${0}.json

So for video 154739710, you have the output below.


  "id" : 154739710,

  "title" : "The Life of Death",

  "description" : "The Life of Death is a touching handdrawn animation about the day Death fell in love with Life. After being well received on various animation festivals and being featured on the EYE film DVD of Selected Dutch Shorts it is finally online! <br \/>\r\n<br \/>\r\",

  "url" : "https:\/\/\/154739710",

  "upload_date" : "2016-02-09 11:07:56",

  "thumbnail_small" : "https:\/\/\/video\/555312497_100x75.jpg",

  "thumbnail_medium" : "https:\/\/\/video\/555312497_200x150.jpg",

  "thumbnail_large" : "https:\/\/\/video\/555312497_640.jpg",

  "user_id" : 12224903,

  "user_name" : "Marsha Onderstijn",

  "user_url" : "https:\/\/\/user12224903",

  "user_portrait_small" : "https:\/\/\/portrait\/11632779_30x30.jpg",

  "user_portrait_medium" : "https:\/\/\/portrait\/11632779_75x75.jpg",

  "user_portrait_large" : "https:\/\/\/portrait\/11632779_100x100.jpg",

  "user_portrait_huge" : "https:\/\/\/portrait\/11632779_300x300.jpg",

  "stats_number_of_likes" : 1776,

  "stats_number_of_plays" : 393017,

  "stats_number_of_comments" : 134,

  "duration" : 300,

  "width" : 1280,

  "height" : 720,

  "tags" : "the life of death, animation, death, doe, 2d, deer, marsha onderstijn",

  "embed_privacy" : "anywhere"



The attached rules should get you pretty close to what you want.

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Re: Vimeo Filter by Category

Thanks for the reply, Eelsasser

We are still having problems after importing the rules.

The rule set Application:vimeo seems not to recognize the traffic in none of the following ways:

Allowed VideoIDs

Allowed Tags

Allowed Users and Groups

Is there anything else to do?


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Re: Vimeo Filter by Category

The rules are just example rules used to demonstrate how it works. They may or may not work in your scenario.

You will have to rule trace them to see at what point they do not work for you.

Also, since Vimeo is HTTPS, you must make sure you have SSL scanning enabled.

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