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VIP Supported in webwasher


does anyone know how many VIP support for the webwasher? i have two appliance that need to do the HA, for the active-active or active-passive configuration, can we configure two VIP on it?

The scenario is:

Create 2 virtual IP(VIP) for both proxies in each site, VIP A will always have HQ proxy as primary and failover whenever HQ proxy is down to DR proxy. VIP B will always have DR proxy as primary and failover whenever DR proxy is down to HQ proxy. can this be done?


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Re: VIP Supported in webwasher


you can create multiple virtual IPs. The IP a client is talking to (VIP A or VIP B) should be available in the Proxy.IP property. So you can create two VIPs and two sets of next-hop-proxies (Set A - Use HQ, if it fails use DR and Set B - Use DR, if it fails use HQ). Then you say something like:

If Proxy.IP equals VIP A Then Enable Next Hop Proxy (Set A) - Stop Ruleset

If Proxy.IP equals VIP B Then Enable Next Hop Proxy (Set B) - Stop Ruleset

This should do the trick.



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