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V6 filter problem

Im having seom issues getting certain URl to work.  I did a test and put in a whitelist entry and turned everything off and it worked perfectly.  Is there a quick way to figure out which things I should disable rather than testing them one at a time?


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Re: V6 filter problem

Hi Lance,

there is not a perfect way to find out which filter is causing the problem. What exactly is the problem you are encountering? In many cases you can see that something got blocked when looking into the access or access_denied log files. If you block the "block_res" field, you can look up the block reason to find out which filter caused problems.

Some filters can actually change something, which does not result in a block and therefore is not really obvious from the log files. In this case a filters tracing may help, but in many cases it is quicker to check the usual candidates in the whitelist and check the result, if the access log does not give a hint 🙂



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