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Up- and Download with HTTP different performance

We saw on all proxies we use a different Up and Download speed if we use HTTP

Using FTP the there is no difference.

For Example: Here in Germany we have for a file with 2Gbyte 60Mbit Download and 5MBit Upload. This happens also in US, CHina, LA, and some other countries.

Any ideas?


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McAfee Employee jscholte
McAfee Employee
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Re: Up- and Download with HTTP different performance

Hi Frank!

I'm afraid I don't quite follow this one.

Does the ISP perhaps give you different download/upload speed? Are you saying that upload via HTTP varies, but upload via FTP doesn't?

Are you uploading a file through the MWG (will all rules enabled)? Or is this just a line test of sorts?

Best Regards,


Re: Up- and Download with HTTP different performance

No we have equal UP and Download (1Gbps).

Any yes. HTTP varies and FTP doesnot.

Yes the upload was done though the MWG.

(Also verified with some speed tests you will find if you use search using google)

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