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Unlocking the Simplified Rule View - You Can Go Home Again, Well Sort Of

Many administrators have found that the default simplified rule sets with their associated "one click" to list edit policy modifications are suitable for their needs. Inevitably though more sophisticated administrators may want to take advantage of the full capabilities of the MWG rule engine or at least explore what their options are if they unlock the view. The warning says you cannot go back to the simplified view. Sure, you could backup your policy and restore, or simply not apply changes after unlocking the view,  But, what if you start down that path and in a few days want to "go back" to the simplified view after you've made list changes in that rule set or other policy changes in other rule sets that you want to preserve? 

Take heart and don't be scared of the warning that unlocking the view cannot be reverted!

  • The first way is to simply discard changes after unlocking the view.
  • Second way is to restore from a backup
  • The third way covers the scenario I described above and is documented below.

Unaltered versions of the simplified view rule sets are available from the on box rule set library. As long as you haven't changed the names of the lists, simply rename the rule set you previously unlocked and re-import the matching rule set. You will get the standard warning that there are conflicts. Choose Auto Resolve conflicts and then resolve by referring to existing objects. Voila, you have the simplified view back without losing your list changes! Of course this restore won't preserve any changes or additions you made to the rules within that ruleset, but engine settings and list changes will  be preserved as long as you did not modify the names of them.

Comments and suggestions welcome as always.

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Re: Unlocking the Simplified Rule View - You Can Go Home Again, Well Sort Of

One approach:

  1. Copy the rule set.
  2. Paste the rule set (perhaps, below the one you want to examine).
  3. Disable the pasted rule set.
  4. Unlock the pasted rule set.
  5. When no longer needed, delete the pasted/disabled rule set.

I examine rule sets from the library this way all the time.  Just remember to disable them after adding, or perhaps have a disabled staging rule set to put them under.

Anyway, all of our rule sets are unlocked.  However, I have been thinking about what it would take to create a locked rule set, at least as an academic exercise.

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