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Troubleshooting Authentication Errors in MWG dashboard

Hi all,

has anyone the same issue? The dashboard in MWG always shows the following error.


Why this error is triggered? I tried to figure out why this error message happens.

How i can figure out which domaincontroler causes the problem?

I checked this and the answer from

Authentication didn't return values, failure ID: 4, authentication failed: 0

Authentication didn't return values, failure ID: 3, authentication failed: 1

I found different values in my mwg-core__Auth.debug.log files. Is there a list available showing all the authentication failure IDs?

I also checked KB83686.

At the moment every customer installation shows such entries in the dashboard. So please, if you have an info, please post it here.

Thanks, Cheers

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McAfee Employee

Re: Troubleshooting Authentication Errors in MWG dashboard

Hi Thorsten,

If the domain is not reachable, the auth debug log should have more information about why (assuming you are logging management events), if it doesn't that makes me sad. The auth debug log should say when it connects or disconnects from a domain controller, as well as a domain as a whole.

I posted about the failure IDs in this thread (why didnt you find it?! ---jk):

Hi Nate,

Each failure ID has a failure reason string (human readable), the property is Authentication.FailureReason.Message.

0 No Failure - Authentication was fine

1 Unexpected Credentials - Authentication was out of expected order (applies to NTLM)

2 Unknown User - User doesnt exist in directory.

3 Wrong Password - Bad password (can apply in other situations, see

4 No Credentials - No credentials were sent (ignore if authentication hasnt failed -- NTLM)

5 No Server Available - Directory server MWG attempted to contact was not reachable.

6 Proxy Timeout - MWG was communicating with a resource and it took too long to get an answer.

7 Server Timeout - ?

8 Communication Error - Server that MWG was communicating with shut down the connection.

10000 Internal Error -catch all

Using the failureIDs is not without their pitfalls though:

Do you have a use case for the failure IDs? Most of the time the you should only look at the failure ID if authentication actually failed (Authentication.Failed equals true).



Best Regards,


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Re: Troubleshooting Authentication Errors in MWG dashboard

Hi Jon,

thanks for the reply. No, there is no Domain Controller information in the Auth Debug LOG. At the moment we do not know what causes the entry in the dashboard.

We opened a service request and submitted a feedback file. Let´s see if we get additional information from that. :-)


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