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Transparent router mode

Dear all and expert,

I'm a newbie on McAfee web gateway, and doing lab about Transparent router mode:

MWG has two Nic:

eth0: (Internal)

eth1: (external)

default gateway :


Proxy mode: Transparent router

User-----[MWG].2--------[Router Internet]--------------------Internet

I'm facing some problems as below:

- Client can not ping to internet ( ping to

- as my understand when using this mode, i do not need setting from web browser, and client's gateway is

Thank you so much,


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McAfee Employee

Re: Transparent router mode

Hi Lee!

Welcome to the Community!

Your setup sounds correct (in all aspects that you described). Can you verify that the Web Gateway itself can ping the internet ( You can do this from the GUI under Troubleshooting > Network Tools or from the CLI.

I ask this because the MWG should not be modifying DNS, so your problem sounds more like an issue with the network configuration (even though it looks pretty straight forward).

Best Regards,


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Level 9

Re: Transparent router mode

Hi LeeNguyen,

Hope you are doing well.

Is their a route present on router to send traffic back for network?

Router will see the traffic and needs to know that will accept the responses to get the data back to client.

Below is an overview of transparent router config on MWG:-

1. Define 2 network interface in web gateway

2. Enable transparent router mode

3. Add http in port redirect

4. Enable http and ftp proxy

5. Save and restart web gateway

Below is overview of tarffic flow

Client ( --> MWG eth0 (, Default GW for clients) - MWG eth1 ( --> Router (, Default GW for MWG) --> Internet

If you explicitly configure MWG as your proxy on the client the clients won't have any trouble talking to MWG. MWG will talk from (the interface connected to its Default GW (the router)) to get out to the Internet. The router sees packets from a direct neighbor and will reply data back to MWG - All good.

In transparent mode MWG receives a packet from the client It is routed to eth0 and leaves on eth1. Now on the router there is a packet from source IP MWG does not perform Address Translation or anything but will simply route the packets. In such an environment you will need to manually teach the router that all packets from need to be routed back to MWGs leg that the router is connected to ( Once the router  forwards the packet back to MWG the subnet ( is known to MWG and the data can get back to the client.

Transparent: The browser/client is NOT "proxy aware". The client will try and directly communicate with its destination. The client requests need to be intercepted/redirected on their way to the destination to reach the Web Gateway. As the client is not aware of the Web Gateway or its filtering, all correspondance needs to "look like" it is still happening with the original destination server. Functionality that is normally available to proxies (like authentication) cannot be used in their normal fashion.  MWG offers WCCP, Transparent Router and Transparent Bridge as transparent deployment options.

Often times a transparent deployment is chosen mainly because Administrators do not want to have to make browser changes. Unfortunately this is a common misconception and in reality changes often DO need to be made to browsers (see table below). In addition, transparent deployments often add MORE complexity to the deployment and require more work on the Administration side.

Please refer below link for more info:-


Alok Sarda

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