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Transparent router configuration

Hello all,,

Three months ago I've implemented the MWG project. I configured the MWG as a Transparent router. I enabled only one interface with an IP from a VLAN ( and the I added the other three VLANs as aliases for that IP ; by adding (,, under IP alias tab  also, I assigned the Router (with an IP from VLAN )as MWG's default gateway (check the attached)

The problem is : No internet access for VLANs (,, and ) but VlAN( works correctly with Internet access and MWG full filtration.. by disabling port redirecting (ports NUM 80,443 redirecting to port 9090) we've Internet access for all VLANs but of course without filtration.

Actions done : I enabled the other two network interfaces on the appliance with IP's from VLAN 12 and VLAN 13. and I removed them from IP aliasing tab. Internet access achieved for these two VLAN in addition to VLAN 11, I enabled port redirecting again. and every thing is OK for these three VLANs.NOW, what about VLAN 10 (there are only 3 network interfaces on the WG4000 appliance) !?

Is it required to enable an interface for each VLAN !! or there is any kind of configuration must be done !

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