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TLS/SSL Supports Anonymous Cipher Suites?

Hello, everyone.  I have been supporting our MWG infrastructure for the last few months, so I am fairly new.  A lot of good information here, so I thought I would ask.

Anyway, our security team did some vulnerability scans and noticed that our mwg appliances support TLS/SSL Supports Anonymous Cipher Suites?

Not sure how to start troubleshooting this.  Is it related with the cert or mwg configuration?  Not sure.  I would appreciate any advice on how to troubleshoot or recommend any tools or information to understand this better.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: TLS/SSL Supports Anonymous Cipher Suites?


can you tell where exactly theses ciphers are supported? Is it for accessing the User Interface or when accessing web sites which support anonymous cipher suites?



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